Two females in contemporary office talking and listening to feedback

Do the Right Thing; Mastering the Art of Feedback

In the fast-paced world of recruiting, providing meaningful feedback to candidates is often overlooked or rushed. Yet, the impact of constructive feedback on candidates goes ...
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image with cup of tea, professional note books and a pair of black binoculars

Why Quality Headhunting is Crucial in Today’s Job Market

Traditional recruitment methods just don’t cut it… It’s no secret that securing the right talent is crucial for achieving high performance and maintaining a competitive ...
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Smiling female standing at an interview setting shaking hands with male interviewer seated

Raise Your Interview Game: Our Top Tips for Success!

Are you ready to ace that upcoming interview and land your dream job?  Here are some game-changing tips to help you prepare like a pro: Research, ...
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Neon sign with black background reading Think About Things Differently

Be Better Than Your Average Interviewer…

At Four Talent we believe the days of rigid interviews should be long gone.. A solid interview gives every candidate a fair chance at showcasing ...
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CV writing tips

Create a Stand Out CV

A great CV can be life changing. It can open doors to new opportunities, and have you propelled into your dream job before you can ...
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Tips for preparing a presentation for interview

Changes in Recruitment

Everyone is talking about change right now, in every market and every industry; what else will change? When and how? Change isn’t something that is ...
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