For Candidates

We’re fiercely passionate about giving every candidate a top notch experience, regardless of the recruitment outcome, and you don’t need to take our word for it, we’ve won awards for this stuff! You can also be confident we only work with clients we would be happy to work for as we thoroughly check out our clients’ businesses before we agree to work with them.

Your Application

You may have applied to one of our snappy ads online or perhaps we hand picked you via headhunting, either way, your journey starts here and you’re in safe hands.

We’ll Call You…

(or email if you’re busy!) for a quick chat to book in a video call at a time that works for you and answer any questions you may have. 

Video Call

This is where we talk through your experience and what you’re looking for next, along with sharing further info about the opportunity and business you are applying to. We’ll also check your Right to Work status, share any advice needed on your CV and what the next steps will be.

Follow up email

This is where we send you all the relevant info you need – full job description, links to company websites and anything you may need to prep for interviews including any online assessments (Some clients use an online assessment tool ahead of interviewing, but we will talk you through how this works)

The Interview

Whether it’s face to face or via video call, this stage sees you meet with your potential new work mates!

Feedback from Four Talent

We will call and share interview feedback, talk about next steps and hear your thoughts on how the interview went for you.

Follow up interviews and feedback

We’ll be with you every step of the way, keeping you updated and helping you prepare throughout the rest of the process.

Offer conversation with Four Talent

We love these calls! We’ll be able to share the good news and talk you through your offer, a realistic start date and all the other detail you will need ahead of joining your new company. Also, if this call isn’t the news you were hoping for, we of course share detailed feedback for you to use in your continued search and will support you on that journey too.

Check in call

A friendly hello from the Four Talent team as you prepare for Day 1 of your new role. We’ll also be working with your new team to make sure everything is set up and ready for you.

Keeping in touch

We won’t just drop you a line, we spend time on site with all of our clients, so you’ll see us around the place. We’re keen to hear how things are going (and that you received our little welcome gift)

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