Attending an Assessment Centre? Tips To Be Your Best

How to prepare for an interview

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So, you’ve done it. You’ve jumped the hurdles; the application, possibly some online testing and a video interview and reached the final furlong… you’re invited to the Assessment Centre!

Well done on getting this far. Really. You’ve been selected from hundreds of applicants… but we appreciate the thought of attending an Assessment Centre is enough to fill even the most confident of candidates with dread, so here’s our handy guide to ensuring you get the most out of your time to shine.
If you’re coming to a Four Talent facilitated Assessment Centre, you need to know one thing, you’re going to enjoy it! At Four Talent we ensure the environment is super relaxed, so all our candidates can be themselves as we want to see the real you, not the terrified you!


It’s one of the oldest pieces of advice going and you’ve probably already heard it a thousand times: Fail to prepare and prepare to fail. There really is no such thing as over preparing. Start by running through the day in your head:


Assessment Centres require a lot of focus. Make sure you’ve had a good breakfast that morning as you don’t want to be distracted by the thoughts of your rumbling stomach! There’ll be assessors placed around the room who will be watching closely at people’s body language and for any eyes wandering around the room and out of the window. Take notes. You will naturally only remember 5% of information delivered verbally, by taking notes you can refer back to them if needed and this also ensures you don’t ask questions on subjects that have already been covered.

Be yourself

Being the most confident or loudest person in the room doesn’t mean you get the job. The assessors are looking for a range of behaviours and attributes that are best suited to the role and the company, so be yourself and contribute to the overall goal in your own style.

The Interview

One of the activities will be a short interview – either with 1 or 2 people or with a panel. Treat this the same as any other interview; research the company beforehand and prepare a couple of great questions to end with. Revisit the Job Description and prepare some examples of each competency and responsibility, always using the STAR method to structure your answers..

The Outcome

There really are no losers when it comes to Assessment Centres – we get this may sound cheesy but it’s true; you might be disheartened if you didn’t get the job, but you will be given specific and detailed feedback on how you performed by one of the friendly Four Talent team. You are graded for each part of the day and so you can identify what area let you down and improve in this area for next time.
And remember, a ‘no’ doesn’t stop you re-applying next time OR applying for another role straight away – get right back on that metaphorical horse and bag yourself an offer at your next Assessment Centre!

GOOD LUCK – The Four Talent team are rooting for you!