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CV writing tips

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A great CV can be life changing. It can open doors to new opportunities, and have you propelled into your dream job before you can say “job search”, but with that level of hope and expectation comes
pressure. Explaining who you are and what you do on paper can be a real challenge.
How do you keep it succinct yet interesting? How can you show your personality and compel the
reader to get in touch? We have compiled our top tips on how to make your CV stand out from the
crowd and give you the best chance of success when using it to apply for your next role.
Firstly, let’s get the basics right:

Contact details

Profile summary


informational graph explaining CV tips

Education and qualifications

Activities outside of work

The Detail

Our best advice it to check and double check. Yes, there’s spell checker but mistakes and typos on your CV are a big no-no. Ask a friend to check it for you and offer some feedback. Ask your Recruiter you speak to as well. At Four Talent we are always happy to share some ideas on CVs so don’t be afraid to ask.

Try creating both a PDF and a MS Word version of your finished CV. When applying online some systems work better with a pdf and vice versa. Have both and you’re ready for anything.

The overall look and feel

‘Dress for the job you want’.. it’s the same principle with your CV! If you’re going for a creative job, get creative with your CV, if it’s a super corporate role you’re after, make sure your CV reflects the corporate world.  Make use of the templates that are available online and on Microsoft Office – this will give you instant structure, colour, font and formatting. Just search online for a free CV template. You’ll have so many to choose from that you can be sure to pick the one that best reflects your personal style as well as the field and industry you work in as well as your ideal role.

Oh and you really don’t need to add a photo if you’re going for a UK based role – in fact, we’d strongly discourage it..

We hope this has been useful – feel free to send over your CV if you’d like any support or feedback from a member of the Four Talent team.