(Employer Value Proposition)

Four Talent EVP

Your EVP is what makes your company popular or unique

EVP is the emotional connection between employer and employee. It’s what motivates them and makes them feel part of the organisation. The EVP is defined internally by your employees (the story of what it’s like to work there) and Employer brand is how you tell that story (think reputation).

We offer bespoke support as we dig under skin of what it means to work in your organisation, help you articulate your EVP and employer brand to appeal to the candidates you want to hire both now and in the future. organisation, help you articulate your employer brand and appeal to the candidates you want to hire and keep.

Why do we need an EVP?

Today’s workforce are not only looking for a meaningful role but are also demanding a workplace that resonates with their values. A solid EVP sharpens company culture and identity and shows your commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. It is the foundation of your employer brand and recruitment
approach and is the best way to become a destination employer.

We offer three levels of support so regardless of where you are on this journey, we can help you find the solution that is right for you.

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